Oak Owl Counselling

Counselling for students training to be counsellors


Counselling training is tough.


OK, this may not be news to you if you are in training.  It is a long journey and getting to the end of that road requires hard work, determination, and lots of support.  That support can come from many places - your place of learning, your peers on your course, your tutors, friends, family and all sorts of other places, but in the end there is only one person who can actually do the work to get you there.  And you know who that is...


Personal therapy is an integral part of higher level counselling qualifications for good reason - without being able to work through your own stuff, it is enormously difficult to work effectively with clients.  How can you really hear what your client is saying if you can't tell what is your stuff and what is theirs?  Furthermore, counselling training can be emotionally challenging and requires that students explore a range of difficult issues, which at some point will inevitably touch on our past experiences.  For this reason, personal therapy is an essential part of professional training.

I am able to offer a limited number of spaces for student counsellors at a discounted rate of £40 per hour.  These spaces are limited, and once you have secured one of these spaces and most importantly, decided that you are happy that the therapist is a good fit for you, then it is important to commit to regular attendance.  If you are unable to attend regularly or miss sessions then it is only fair to offer that space to another student on the waiting list.

If you would like to find out more about personal therapy for student counsellors, please do contact me on 07783 675298 or emma@oakowlcounselling.co.uk